Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pakil Represent!

Last Sunday, my bf and I drove my Lola to her house in Pakil, Laguna.
Guess who just opened a coffee shop in our little town...


Oh yes, it's Mr. Bernard Vista.

He's a Filipino artist known for his works which usually depict mundane folk people. His works would entails large hands and feet which symbolizes hard-work and heads of his subjects are always bent to one side, said to symbolize Filipino's humility.

His work reminded me of the Cinemalaya commercial for this year.. "The Gallery"

Do drop by his Coffee shop if you're in the neighborhood.

It's beside the church of Pakil, Laguna. Literally. When you're facing the church's main door it's to your right. Just before the carinderia and the M&W convenience store.

Don't forget to try their Vista Red Iced Tea. It's weirdly nice. Haha

And oh! You can also buy some of his works there or even request a painting. I heard VP Noli de Castro is a fan. :D

Piz Awt!

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Jon Anderson said...

Do you happen to know how I could contact Bernard Vista about his paintings?

Thanks I am in the US so email is by far the most practical. I have one of his pieces from 2005

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